"to teach as many people as possible to express themselves in English naturally and with ease during their exam"

More than just IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL/TOEIC or PTE exam preparation. I have a mission. It's why I'm making My Exam with Sam.

It's more than just English exam preparation. Let me explain piece by piece, starting at the end.

during their exam

The exam is important.

If you're doing IELTS for an immigration application, PTE to work in Australia, the Cambridge First exam for a job or university application - these are all important moments in your life.

You should have the best possible preparation for it.

and with ease

"With ease" means that you make it look easy. It does not mean that it is easy!

Ease comes with practice. Great runners don't think about running. Great musicians don't think about playing their instrument. They practice. A lot. Because of this, they are focussed during their performance.

You can do the same. With proper practice, you can make speaking and writing English look easy.


This means using the English language like a native.

It doesn't mean you become as good as a native speaker. It just means that your English sounds like a native speaker, most of the time.

It means avoiding "textbook English" and using real English to help your preparation.

If you sound natural, and use English with ease, then you will get the highest marks in whichever exam you're doing.

express themselves in English

This is, surely, the ultimate goal.

Not just getting a certificate, or passing an exam. But actually being able to use English in real life. And not just to take notes in a lecture.

It means expressing all the creativity, personality and the uniqueness of you, as a person. In English.

as many people as possible

A lot of full English lessons for exam preparation will be free on youtube.

This is because I want to solve the biggest problem facing a lot of student preparing English exams: access to educational opportunities.

This means people don't get good lessons because they can't afford it. Or it won't fit into their schedules. Or there are no good teachers in schools near them.

I want My Exam With Sam to be very easily accessible, to everyone.

To teach
So you can learn.